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Falcon Commodity Markets is a global brokerage service provider specializing in physical fertilizer products and over-the-counter derivatives traded principal-to-principal and cleared on CME and CBOT. The firm began operation in March 2017 with a team based strategically in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Falcon Commodity Markets developed and introduced the first ever full-execution trading platform in the fertilizer space, catering for both physical and financial users.

Falcon Commodity Markets is a boutique firm that wants to develop and attract talented individuals from the worlds of trading and brokerage to provide a more bespoke, educated, and developed level of service. Falcon’s principles wield an impressive repertoire of over 30 years combined commodity experience in Fertilizer, Freight, and Energy markets. Our global presence allows us to provide exemplary service with execution offerings across multiple markets ranging from the Far East to US trading hours. With over 10 years’ experience in the Fertilizer market, Falcon has developed an extensive network of the largest firms in the industry.

Falcon specializes in offering voice pricing services, strategic hedging, execution (OTC and Screen), and data. Our team’s trading experience coupled with our proprietary trading platform allows us to execute in a transparent, firm, real-time market place.

Rob Duncan

Rob started his career in the early 2000’s with ICAP Energy, as a senior broker in the North American electricity and continental European energy markets. He spent several years in the FFA markets, before spending the last seven years as a leading broker for over-the-counter Fertilizer physical and derivative swap markets. Recognizing the need to combine the latest trading platform technology with over-the-counter voice broking, Rob with his partners co-founded and launched Falcon Commodity Markets in March of 2017. Rob believes the teams focus in these two areas, exhibits a strong dedication to provide their customers with thorough market insight and high calibre order execution.

Ron Foxon

Following a number of years in the shipping and port handling facilities industry developing a global network of clients in shipping logistics and physical commodities trading, Ron became a consultant in the industrial chemicals and fertilizer sector. In this highly volatile market, it became increasingly apparent that price risk management was a requirement. Joining an FFA brokerage in the City of London, Ron successfully established the first OTC swaps broking desk for chemical fertilizer derivatives and quickly developed the market to a point where fertilizer swaps and futures became listed as Cleared products on recognized exchanges. Ron and his partners have now established Falcon Commodity Markets Ltd which has very successfully developed and implemented a bespoke trading platform which has become integral to the international chemical fertilizer trade. From this foundation Falcon continues to look for innovative ways to further develop the business in this, and other commodity markets.

Alexey Paliy

Alexey has spent most of his career in the energy sector. Starting in 2002 on a physical oil broking desk working with ship owners and charterers of ocean going oil tankers. He then moved on to the power desk at Spectron in London where he traded Dutch power and financial products associated with it. He then went on to be a founding member of a fertilizer swaps desk at a prominent FFA Brokerage in the City of London. He was instrumental in developing the desk into one of the leading players within the Over-the-Counter fertilizer trading community. He was instrumental in introducing clearing into the market and launching a number of new tradable products while also setting up the company’s US office. Alexey then co-founded Falcon Commodity Markets in March 2017.

Julian Anstes

Julian has been designing and building commodity futures and options trading technology for nearly 20 years. In 2004 he founded Elysian System which he led to become one of the worlds leading providers of trading technology to global Inter-dealer Brokers and Exchanges. In 2010 the CME Group acquired Elysian, its technology becoming the CME Direct system which is now one of the world's most widely used trading platforms with over ten thousand users transacting several hundred thousand contracts daily.



We are a leading broker in global physical and paper fertilizer markets. The key products we broker include:

  • Urea Nola Swaps
  • DAP Nola Swaps
  • UAN Nola Swaps
  • Urea Middle East Futures
  • Physical Urea Nola
  • Physical DAP Nola
  • Physical MAP Nola

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Ron Foxon

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  • (+44) 7850 048486 (cell)

US Desk

Rob Duncan

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  • (+1) 502 410 8899 (cell)

Alexey Paliy

  • (+1) 949 -2009669
  • (+1) 949 4029107 (cell)

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We're actively seeking talented individuals to join our global commodity brokerage team. We have the latest technology to handle all back office processing allowing our desks to focus on providing first class execution services for our customers.

We also have a highly sophisticated hybrid trading platform giving our broking desks the facility to provide online execution to our customers to compliment traditional voice broking.

We have a start up culture and we have no interest in bureaucracy.

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